Friday, May 7, 2010

Letting Go

I had some weight on my shoulders yesterday. So I spent most of my day working, praying, and emailing my friend back and forth. The root of my weight, I know believe, was tied to some people that had been in my life. There was a place I had previously worked. Met a lot of people there. Stayed there only 1 year.
God decided it was time for me to go. But not before He taught me some things.

See I had come across alot of people who did not follow God. Those who did not claim to be Christians. I kind of knew what to expect. There, at the job, I got a glimpse of people who professed to love God and claimed to be Christians. Blew my world apart! This is where I learned "even the devil goes to church". I couldn't understand some of the things that went on with those who were Christians. Some of the behavior I expected of those who were not in the church.

I also, during this time, was really getting to know God. In the end, I understood that those in church had just about as many issues as those out of church. And although some of them strived to become better, some seemed like they only wanted to pretend like they knew Christ. I was not being judgemental by any means, because no of us are perfect. But what I came to understand was that when you are truly walking with God, change will take place in you. You will not be the same. Yes, you may have certain areas that still need to be worked on, but there is change there!

Anyway, my biggest issue was learning how to let people go. Letting things go was no big deal to me, but letting people go was the biggest challenge for me. Even if I knew they were bad for me, I still had difficulty letting go. Through my walk with God, I learned why. There was a deep rooted issue that had not been resolved, that caused me to do this. Spending time alone with God, forces you to look at yourself. Soooo many people do not like doing this. I didn't like doing it but it needed to be done. I learned so many things I really didn't want to know. But once I found them out, I prayed to God to help me fix them and release them.

Since this letting go thing was the biggest issue in my life, it's still a work in progress. God will move people out of your life when He feels they will do you harm. Or He will allow them to stay for just enough time to teach you something. You hope and pray you get the lesson, because if you don't, you'll be repeating it over and over again. There are days when who I let go, the memory will come back. For me it does hurt some. But God does things that He knows is good for you. Many times we think we know what's good for us because we know ourselves. Reality is we 'think' we know ourselves. He knows us better.

Isaiah 55:8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD."

Letting else can God bring better in for us if we don't learn how to let go?  Tough lesson to learn for me, but I am so happy I have an awesome teacher!

God Bless!


  1. You are so right on in saying that God will move people out of our lives if they are harmful but we have to let them go. God may be trying to move them but we resist and keep hanging on. Then we pay for it. God does know what it best for us. If the person He is removing from our lives not wanting to move but is hanging on as well, we cannot worry about how it will affect them if we let them go. God will take care of that. We are to be obedient. Thanks for a great post. God bless.

  2. You are so right. There are times we continue to hang on to the detriment of ourselves. Its having that trust in God that allows us to stop hanging on to them and releasing them.

    Be Blessed!