Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lost Souls

"Just because you're not walking the same path as everyone else, doesn't mean you're lost. Sometimes you just have to lose others to find yourself."

There are actually 2 ways of looking at this statement. Either the Christian way or the wordly way.

But this is a statement I read from someone I would say is lost. I will in no way be judgemental regarding this person because that's not who I am. I am not perfect, however time and time again I have read different sayings from this person and according to linning your life up with Christ, it's just not there.

Tell me what good does it do a person to walk with those in the world? What do you gain? What do you lose? It's interesting when I think back to the times I was not walking with the Lord. I felt free. At least when I look back I thought I was. But I really wasn't. I look back and think about the bad decisions I made, mostly because of being selfish, but also based on my response to situations that had occured. My father sheltered my sister and I as we were growing up. Never had 'life' discussions with us. So because of his strictness and no discussions (probably due to his wanting to protect us), once we became 'free', we partied and ended up in bad relationships. For me, because I stayed longer with my dad, I felt like a kid in a candy store once I moved. But funny thing is, when I honestly look back and think about things, God was always there. Even with the stupid mistakes I made. Yes, I went through a very brief stage of going to parties and drinking. But it was very short lived. I ended up not liking alcohol and almost getting 'violated'. Wow, that was not a way to live. So I stopped. But then, it was hard finding a good relationship to be in. So when I met my ex-husband, I thought I was in love. Looking back, I was being so selfish. I chose him because I wanted him to love me. He was different from the other guys I had known, but what I didn't know was he had a different set of issues as well. God was showing me right from the beginning that we were not supposed to be, but I ignored it every step of the way. One of the reasons was because I was not walking with God. 

When you start walking with God, most of the time you will not like what He reveals to you. I know I didn't. But the truth of the matter is, I'd rather not have it any other way. See those not walking with God don't actually know what they are missing. This world has people so convinced that they should be out for themselves and no one else. Everything this world is, God isn't. Selfish, prideful, greedy.....the list goes on and on.

In this book I am reading, called "The Enlightenment: What God Told Me After One Million Prayers", the author said something that at one point I kept questioning 'how?'
"Jesus tried to show us how to live. He spent a major portion of His public life trying to teach us about His Father in heaven and how to save our immortal souls. Jesus also wanted to show man that there are many enjoyments in life one can partake in. Jesus showed us by enjoying good food and good conversation with others. Jesus enjoyed the joys of a sense of humor and the consumption of wine as a relaxing aid. He showed us that it was put here by God for all to enjoy. If you are a married couple, sex is an added enjoyment given by God. He tried to show man that he can enjoy his life fully without breaking any commandments."

Back then, I wasn't really living. I thought I was but I really wasn't. There was never really a time when I could just smile and be happy not because of someone or something. There wasn't a time I could pray for someone I really didn't care for instead of talking about them. There never was a time where I didn't have to prove who I was to someone. Everything I did was tied to someone or something.

Now, He gives me joy that is undescribable at times. I might not particularly care for someone, so I will pray for them. I don't have to tell you who I am or what I am about, my walk will say it for me. God's light shines through me and I will never have to either make people believe I am something I am not, or show people I am something I am not. I pray for those lost souls of this world. Someone I know, recently returned to God. I could not have been happier for that person. I know alot of things they had did. But God always wants His lost sheep. We really are nothing without Him and we are only decieving ourselves when we think we are. I pray people wake up before its too late.

"Just because you're not walking the same path as everyone else, doesn't mean you're lost. Sometimes you just have to lose others to find yourself.".....wordly....you are lost and the only way you will be found is in Jesus.

"Just because you're not walking the same path as everyone else, doesn't mean you're lost. Sometimes you just have to lose others to find yourself."......Christian....Right, you have found the way, the truth, and the light. Sometimes that personal relationship you have with God will make you lose others, but what good does it do to gain the world but lose your soul?

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