Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Following Him

Thank you sister Alissa, for inspiring today's blog!!
I was once in the dark and now am steadily traveling in the light. Once was blind but now I see. But I still have to be conscious of those who are still in the darkness. I pray for them. Of course, my sister's inspiration brought to remembrance what I had read a couple of days ago. Why people are hesitant to follow Jesus.

Some reasons why people are hesitant to follow Jesus:
  • Fear of making a mistake
  • It threatens their sinful ways
  • Too arrogant and egotistical to change
  • Fear it may put too many demands on their way of life
  • He reminds them of how wrong they are
  • Pride
  • Afraid to offend family tradition
  • Fear of rejection from family and friends
  • Jesus' way may seem too difficult
  • They think it's only for reclusive monks with no life in the real world
  • Waiting for non believing elders to pass on
  • Not willing to accept a vocation
  • Don't understand what the crucifix stands for
  • Still waiting for the Messiah to come
I can tell you right away, for me:
I feared it may put too many demands on my way of life ( it seemed like there were sooo many rules!), He reminded me of how wrong I was ( on sooo many things, you know we as humans hate to be wrong in the first place!), Jesus' way may seem too difficult (He is perfect, I am not, how can I do this?), and they think it's only for reclusive monks with no life in the real world (ok, not for reclusive monks but I was always trying to figure out with all the rules, how was I going to live a happy, fun life?)

I understand people, I understand. However, I also have come to know Jesus. Not know of Jesus, but know Jesus. None of His commandments are like rules to me anymore. He gives us those commandments as a protection for us! He cares and loves us so much. He wants the best for us.

As hard as it is sometimes in this walk, I would rather follow Jesus than anyone in this world. He doesn't ask for much but gives us so much more in return. He has changed my life in so many ways. If people would just give themselves to Him, then they too could be brought into the light, out of darkness. My prayer is for people's eyes to be opened to the most rewarding path they will ever know. Jesus

God Bless!