Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I was driving in to work today, looked at this big bank of snow on the side of the road and thought about how I can't remember when the last time I actually had a good 'child-like' time in the snow. That's awful. Have I become so old that I really can't enjoy much 'child-like' things anymore? It would drive me crazy to bundle myself up and be outside with friends, in a snowball fight and get the snow down my shirt, or pants, or in my boots. Yeah, I'm old! Not really, just need to have more fun.

So then my mind wonders to this movie I watched the other day. "Snakes on a Plan". What on earth made Samuel Jackson agree to do this movie? That was one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen. Ok, I'm not goign to waste my time downing the movie.

Why is it that one day you could be in a great mood and then the next it's like, what happened? That's what I am trying to figure out today. Yesterday was cool, then I wake up today like, nnnnooooo! I 'd rather go back to bed and bury myself under my covers. Got to make that money! If my mind wonders off somewhere else again, which knowing me it will, I'll be back! (in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger!)

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