Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shattered glass

I haven't been blogging lately. Only because I have been going through things. Well today is no different, but I decided to 'feel' on a blog. Hasn't been a good week and this weekend has started off even worse. have you ever been in a spiritual struggle? well, that's where I am. Trying to follow God and seemingly doing not such a good job. I am in this place where do I want to cry? or Do I want to give up? Is any of it worth it? We are all so imperfect that it makes no sense. I happened upon this picture. A butterfly with glass wings. My mind goes to thinking that's what I feel like. My spiritual potential is there, however, I have glass wings. The wings are light enough to allow me to fly, but are so fragile, that one wrong thing could shatter them. How do glass wings get repaired? I have no idea. I'd like to know though. I'd really like to know. Enough for now.

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